About me

I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Purdue University, advised by Dr. Ming Yin. My current research involves the areas of human-AI interaction, applied machine learning, and the bias in machine learning systems. I used experimental approaches to examine how to better design AI systems that people can trust and engage with effectively, and how to improve crowd workers' working environment through technology.

Prior to Purdue, I worked in a technology company as an Android developer. I hold a Master of Computer Science from West Virginia University, and a Bachelor of Management in information Management from National Central University in Taiwan.


  • Awarded DIS 2020 Special Recognitions for Outstanding Reviews
  • Our work on predicting the hourly wage of crowdsourcing tasks got Best Poster Honourable Mention in the Web Conference 2019 (WWW'19). [link]
  • Awarded funding from Mousebelt University to research on solving the blockchain oracle problem. [link]
  • Awarded travel grants from HCOMP 2018 to participate in the Doctoral Consortium and to present my work on how to improve existing crowdsourcing work environments.


Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN

2020 - 2024 (Expected)

Ph.D. in Computer Science

West Virginia University

Morgantown, WV

2016 - 2018

M.S. in Computer Science

National Central University

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

2008 - 2012

B.B.A in Infomation management


Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN

Graduate Teaching Assistant

2020 - current

  • Conducted an empirical study to assess users'behavior and trust in machine learning models when deploying AI aids in real-world scenarios.
  • Proposed interactive user guide to help laypeople have appropriate trust in the AI system and implemented by vue.js and Django.
  • Lead two undergraduate teaching assistants to propose and develop class projects by Java and JUnit.
  • Teach
  • Teaching Assistant:
    • CS 251: Data structure and Algorithms (2022 Spring)
    • CS 242: Introduction to Data Science (2021 Fall)
    • CS 180: Problem Solving And Object-Oriented Programming (2020 Fall, 2021 Spring)

Vancouver, BC, Canada



  • Co-founded a startup developing decentralized Oracle service providing reliable off-chain data to the smart contracts on blockchains, which raised more than $50,000 from accelerators.
  • Won MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator pitch competition, standing out from 60 projects.
ACM WVU Student Chapter

Morgantown, WV



  • Designed and Maintained the official website for the organization.
  • Organized and gave a speech in a workshop to teach participants how to make their first Android application.
West Virginia University

Morgantown, WV

Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Assisted faculty members with classroom instruction material and exams.
  • Teaching Assistant:
    • CS 453: Data and Computer Communications
    • CS 220: Discrete Mathematics.

Graduate Research Assistant

2017 - 2019

  • Develop a budget supervision system through blockchain technology to encourage citizens involving in community development with local government. [News]
  • Propose recommendations to Blockchain Advisory Board, which belonged to Mexico Presidency, for building a smart tender system. [News]
  • Design and implement a chrome plugin to train crowd workers to speed 31.6% up to their work. [News]
  • Interview Latin American users and design the prototype of mobile remittance applications which utilizes cryptocurrency transfer to reduce international transaction fee.
  • Established an exchange rate calculator website to help immigrants find out real exchange rates from different companies.
  • Apply IRB expedited protocols for human subject research.
  • Paper peer review for the journal: Big Data, and conferences: IUI, CSCW, CHI.

San Francisco, California

Software Engineer


  • Develop an Initial Coin Offer (ICO) Governance application on Ethereum using web3.py to connect the blockchainnetwork to the local server and allow users to monitorthe ICOon the blockchain network through theserver.

Taipei, Taiwan

Software Engineer (Android)

2014 - 2015

  • Programmed and maintained stock ordering applications for 8 different stockbrokers on Android phones and tablets by using java and Android SDK.
  • Troubleshot user's technology problems and existed bugs on published stock ordering applications.
  • Overhauled the old stock ordering applications to enhance the code's efficiency and code readability, reducing the bug happen rates which made by other programmers.
  • Collaborated with product management department to diagnose and evaluate customers' requirements and the applications download amount exceeds 300,000 times.


Already published or accepted by journals, conferences, or conference posters.

You’d Better Stop! Understanding Human Reliance on Machine Learning Models under Covariate Shift
Chun-Wei Chiang, Ming Yin
WebSci:13th ACM Web Science Conference 2021
Becoming the Super Turker: Increasing Wages via a Transparency Criteria from Skilled Workers
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WWW: The Web Conference 2020
Predicting the Working Time of Microtasks Based on Workers' Perception of Prediction Errors
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Human Computation Journal
TurkScanner: Predicting the Hourly Wage of Microtasks
Susumu Saito, Chun-Wei Chiang, Saiph Savage, Teppei Nakano, Tetsunori Kobayashi, and Jeffrey Bigham
WWW: The Web Conference 2019
Best Poster Honourable Mention (0.8%)
The Challenges and Trends of Deploying Blockchain in the Real World for the Users’ Need
Chun-Wei Chiang, Eber Betanzos, Saiph Savage
Journal of Cyberspace Studies
Turker Tales: Integrating Tangential Play into Crowd Work
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Crowd Coach: Peer Coaching for Crowd Workers' Skill Growth
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CSCW: ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work 2018
Crowd Work on a CV? Understanding How AMT Fits into Turkers' Career Goals and Professional Profiles
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CI: ACM Collective Intelligence Conference 2018
Designing Blockchain Technology to Transform Rural Communities
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Workshop CHI: ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2018
Understanding Interface Design and Mobile Money Perceptions in Latin America
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